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Learning Grove Provides Childcare to Health Care and other Critical Workers

Learning Grove Provides Childcare To Health Care And Other Critical Workers

Learning Grove will operate two emergency response childcare sites – one in each KY and OH to support community health care workers and other employees required to work during the epidemic, as so many others hunker down  during the novel coronavirus pandemic across the region. “We believe that this is an essential part of our mission,” CEO Shannon Starkey-Taylor said shortly after Gov. Mike DeWine announced a stay-at-home order for Ohioans. Learning Grove is also a regional leader in providing expert social and emotional support for children, which is extremely important during this time of uncertainty. Starkey-Taylor explains the expertise is important for kids experiencing the changes that the novel coronavirus and its illness, COVID-19, are bringing to them and their parents. “This is a huge change for the children,” most are likely to be from other child care centers, know other teachers and adults and may be worried about their parents or their own health.

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