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*Journey To Hope

*Journey to Hope

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Organization: Journey to Hope offers coaching and support groups at little or no-cost to anyone living within the Greater Cincinnati community. We are here to walk with you as you take your next step and grow into the best version of yourself. With a variety of resources and a system of support at your disposal, we’re confident you will find hope in whatever aspect of life in which you’re seeking it — whether that be emotionally, professionally, financially, physically, or spiritually.

Executive Director: Diane W. (Diane Wasmer) Kinsella, M.A., ACC, CDWF

My role: Ambassador, Volunteer and Workshop Facilitator

Workshop / Program: Facilitator for the Job Search Accelerator Program –

This 6 week unique coaching cohort is based on the various tech accelerators in town and is catered to the needs of the group. I have co-facilitated multiple installments of this program. Each weekly session includes:

🔹 Presentations from subject matter experts
🔹 Time to apply what participants have learned
🔹 Coaching within a small group setting, with a coach & facilitator

Participants are expected to make commitments to achieve their personal goals and be held accountable to them. The goal is to make serious progress toward their next position or promotion. They earn back a portion of the application fee by completing stretch goals and milestones that they set during the program.

This unique structure gives them dedicated time and resources to accelerate their job search, understand their options and be equipped to carry through to the successful end of their search. Throughout, they also have a team to support them, encourage them and share in the journey as they go.

Dates: February – April, 2019

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